Head Shots worcester head shot photography

Here at F8 Photography there is a nice relaxed approach to head shot photography. It’s quite normal for people to feel a little awkward or uncomfortable at the thought of being photographed but it’s my job to help put them at ease. It’s only when people are relaxed that their true personality comes across on their portrait. That’s when we get the best shots.

 So, whether you need a single head shot for your social media profile picture, a business photograph for your website or a group shot of staff/team members, we have it covered. I also understand that it’s not always feasible to get all of your staff to a studio location, so I will come to you and set up the shoot at your location. We can even shoot everyone individually at different times and strip them all in together as a group shot…with a background to enhance your business.  Whats not to smile about!!

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