Worcester United Ladies football team photo

Worcester Utd ladies are a team I know all too well. Ive been playing football with them for the last 6 seasons! So when I was asked to do a team shot for them, naturally I obliged, but wanted to do something a little different from their usual team photo.

I always wanted to do a mean and moody “mess with us at your peril” type of shot. Luckily for me the girls were all up for that too.

The date was set and one sunny day last weekend I invited them all in to the studio.

The lighting was going to be quite harsh, not too flattering for the females generally I know, but it needed to be shot like it was on a floodlit pitch at dusk, with a storm brewing!

I planned to shoot them all on a dark grey backdrop, just to try and make life a little easier for stripping them all in to my background that I had already prepared.

The shoot was great. To be honest, the hardest part was to get them looking mean….They kept making each other laugh so much.  They all eventually got their mean faces on and I got them all shot. Then the work really began. Cutting each individual player out and dropping them into separate layers on my turf background. Painstakingly cutting around their laces….Don’t even get me started on the hair!! Then positioning them and ensuring correct scale to one another, before blending them in a bit more realistically by dropping shadows across them and making their boots appear sunken into the grass. Finally, a dark storm sky symbolising that something mean and terrifying is coming your way!!

Well done ladies!